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Standard Legal

February 27th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

Standard Legal has three core services: Do-it-Yourself Software for Legal Forms, a Legal Document Preparation Service, and an Attorney Legal Directory.  They claim to specialize in affordable “pro se” (self-help) law.  The software contains your typical legal forms: Last Will and Testaments, Bankruptcy, Incorporation, Leases, Deeds, Employee Manuals, Living Wills, Trusts and much more.

The form softward also runs on a questionairre formate written in plain English with general questions and directions to help populate the template.   The admitted goal of Standard Legal is to avoid an attorney (and fees of course!) through the do-it-yourself process.

The software is availabe by direct download or CD by mail.  What we liked about Standard Legal is that the complete forms all have solid instructions and are state-specific (US).  So if you need Texas Legal Forms, Californial Leases, or New York Power of Attorney forms etc., this is a fantastic resource.   Thir prep service is really for custom forms and also follows a questionnaire format in addition to a review by a “professional document specialist” to drill down and create the perfect form.

Finally, for legal situations that are more complex, they have a great “attorney find” service that can put you in touch with a qualified law form (for FREE!).

The site has a great Q & A section and is fairly easy to use and navigate.

(Individual Form Downloads from $14.95, Custom Services Individually Priced)

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February 11th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

Founded in 1971, Nolo is a full legal services company designed to be ultra accessible to everyone.  The site is broader that the forms scope of our reviews.  But briefly, have a browse on the Nolo site where you will see articles, podcasts, and an online bookstore where you can learn more and get general reference information.  They also sell forms and step-by-step for everything from writing a will, incorporating your business, to filing for a patent.

Finally, they offer a national lawyer directory that features an in-depth profile of each attorney, to help you find someone who’s a good fit for your particular situation/needs.

The company was founded by a lawyer who specialized in helping low-income families in the San Francisco Bay area. Apparently, that’s been the inspiration behind the do-it-yourself legal guides Nolo has produced (ie. Cheaper access to the legal process and procedures via guides for those who couldn’t afford lawyers).  They tried to market the guides, but ultimately went for self-publication.

Now, the Nolo site offers downloadable software, forms, form preparation, legal services, great links and more!  Their staff regularly reviews the 150 “plain-English” books and guides, legal document producing software, and online document preparation services.; You can make a will or trust, incorporate your business, trademark your business’s name, and much more — all online.

And they have a great “encyclopedia” support forum packed with thousands of pages of free articles and information on just about any legal topic imaginable from property law and immigration to divorce and real estate. There’s a free law dictionary, too, that translates “legalese” into plain English (which we think is a nice touch!)

They keep a fairly active blog network from their lawyers that offers some more fresh and relevant information from today’s world.  Staff consists of legal editors, software developers, customer service representatives, salespeople, web developers and of course, lawyers.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: starts at $8.99 per form/guide/book

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US Lease Agreem’ts

February 11th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:™ claims to be the #1 online provider of residential, commercial lease agreements and Lease notices. While other services listed on this review site and others trying to offer as broad a selection of forms as possible, this site is specifically concerned with specific forms suited for the investment property company, landlord, secondary home owner, superintendent, property manager, building manager, and homeowner (who may rent a room or level of his/her home out).

This is a download package that sorts their offerings into a few main categories: Residential Leases, Commercial Leases, Evictions, Evictions for Non-Payment, Tenant Applications, and Sub-Lease Agreements. They claim high accuracy in this area as these form are specialized for this real estate world niche. The forms are blank templates and do need user work to fill them. But they are sturdy templates. Specific samples are available to view. The company also claims over 1,000,000 downloads which makes it popular in this market.

The site format divides up forms based on category and state which is great if you only need a Lease Agreement for Arizona, but not so good if you need multiple state forms, or generic forms. Because these forms are priced per form, it can definitely get costly.

We were not that impressed with their customer service interface. It’s just a standard contact form submission, with little disclosed contact information. Also, there is no guarantee on the forms being attorney-reviewed, offering a money-back guarantee, or really any other resources, general information about the company etc. It’s a weak site and definitely not one that we would highly recommend. However, if you’re after a specific form tailored to a specific state, this may be a good source for those in the investment property business.

Ultimately, the cold truth is that there are far more superior products out there.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE:  starts at $9.99 per form

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Rocket Lawyer

February 8th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

RocketLawyer is a really cool concept.  They’re basically an all around retail legal help services site.  In addition to a large library of attorney-created legal forms (which is why we are reviewing their site),  they’ve designed stand-alone software products and work in partnership with H&R Block, Houghton Mifflin, LexisNexis, etc.   They also have a solid customer support team available via web help, email, and phone and claim a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   They claim they have better pricing than the competition which we sort of agree with when comparing apples-to-apples.   The RocketLawyer site has free tools and services including Free Living Wills and a great reference/resource section.

Where RocketLawyer jumps ahead of the game is in the network of lawyers they’ve built up.  It’s always the next step after “legal forms”.  If you find you need a lawyer, RocketLawyer can offer access to  thousands of licensed attorneys and provide tools to help you work with them efficiently.   And the best part is you can collaborate online without ever meeting face-to-face.  Many RocketLawyer lawyers will also offer an initial free consultation – which is definitely a bonus.  They also do business  incorporation and other related legal requirements.   Again, their site works primarily as a web-based platform so there’s no software required.

When it comes to the Legal Forms, their site is also questionnaire-style like   However, we like RocketLawyer’s interface better.   Also, once your legal form generates, you can save or print it, then you get a checklist of any additional steps that may be needed to make your document legal, like signing, witnesses, or notarization.   We like to see that follow through initiated by the provider rather than the customer trying to figure out next steps.  Of course, this also makes sure your documents become legally-binding.

Another neat feature is their E-Signature process which allows you to sign documents and store them all online, edit them etc. all without actually printing and signing the documents.  We like the Eco-Friendly, tree-saving potential in addition to the obviously collaborative nature of this feature (ie. sharing/signing documents online between parties across the world!).   And of course you can always print as well at any time.

It’s worth noting, they do have some free services and free legal forms as well!


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FindLegal Forms

February 7th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

FindLegalForms was started in 2001 by two California attorneys.  Their specialty is “low cost” and frequently used (attorney-prepared) legal forms.   I found the price point to be high, but the value is there.  FindLegalForms has one of the largest libraries of attorney-reviewed forms for comparable service sites.

A big advantage right of the bat is their secure online storage facility.  You can edit and store your forms directly with your online account and access them remotely.   And of course you can download them anytime.    They have thousands of legal forms available for download and have served over 1,000,000 customers.  They offer forms for Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

FindLegalForms has also drafted forms that incorporate the nuances of state laws / provincial laws.   And of course, not only are the forms drafted by attorneys, but they are also mainted by them as well.   The big plus with this service is that the forms are not only drafted in an easy to use fashion, they also include thorough instructions and checklists (as applicable).   FindLegalForms has a 100% money-back guarantee and claims to offer a full refund – no questions asked (which tells us they stand by their service)

The company is run large enough to have dedicated customer service reps (who will answer the phone live from California!), a web design team, and attorney-review for all forms and updates.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE:  $49.95 per month

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February 7th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

Business-in-a-Box™ is a do-it-yourself document templates software has been created to increase at-work productivity and efficiency (so claims the website).   They’ve sold over 1.5 MILLION COPIES, definitely a leader in the field.   It’s only fair that if we are reviewing legal form and document services, we should include some software programs as well.  We’d like to be clear here.  This is not an online service.

Business-in-a-Box™ is a third-party software package that you can download, install on your computer, and use!   This product is used by thousands of entrepreneurs, middle managers and executives in over 200 countries.   The main advantage with this option is that you would immediately own over 1500+  library of document templates that covers more than just the standard contracts.  Business-in-a-Box™ documents were written by lawyers, consultants and specialized professionals.  And all are formatted with standard fonts and appearance to help keep  your brand/image consistent.  A neat features is the documents contained in the software are compatible with Microsoft Office (2000, XP, 2003 and 2007) and the free  But, if you bare-bones is your style, there’s even a built-in Business-in-a-Box Text Editor.

Another strength is the searching capability.  You can browse documents by type or category, perform a keyword search or view all documents associated with a specific task.   Again, because this is software, there’s neat “Auto-Fill” functions that can quickly insert custom information (company info, etc.) between documents.   But the BEST feature is the Auto-Recovery which protects your work from software/system crashes.  Nice little feature to have no doubt!

ALL the templates are available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.   And this program has been tested for both PC and MAC.  The site suggests that as bugs get reported, they are constantly updated and fixed with new documents continually being added.

(Software Package Priced at $249.95, on SALE: $199.95)

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February 7th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

Dating back to 1999, Canadian-based MegaDox is literally a form powerhouse when it comes to content.  With valid forms for Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, and even China, there are literally thousands of forms to choose from.  Good news for Americans and Canadians, these forms are also state, province, and territory-specific.

Unlike say, Law Depot, these forms can immediately be downloaded as Adobe PDFs, or Microsoft Word files.  While many legal document/form service providers will flout their lawyer credentials, MegaDox specialized in having business and technical expertise in all areas casting a wider net with – presumably – more custom and tailored forms.   In addition to making a lot of their content available for FREE, they also offer business documents, leisure & lifestyle guides, legal dictionary, preparation services, and health & wellness information.

MegaDox also seems to strongly stand behind their products.  They claim to be “guided by Customer Service principles”, which apparently includes making forms for you if they don’t already have them and/or locating them elsewhere even if it means sending you to a competitor!   Admittedly, we haven’t tested that claim, but if true, that’s impressive!

The only major drawback is their website and search function.  Type in the word “lease” and we get like a thousand results (nearly crashed my browser!).

(Forms May Be Purchased Individually for as low as $5.00)

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Law Depot

February 7th, 2010 by admin

Editor’s Review:

Law Depot has been doing legal forms and contracts for over a decade now.  And they seem to have perfected a truly dummy-proof system.  Quite simply, it’s a 3 Step Process: 1) Find the document, 2) Answer some questions online (via a questionnaire), then PRESTO! you have a completed form you can download.   The only problem with this system is you have to fill in a lot of info before you can preview or obtain individual pricing.  If you’re not quite sure about the form, you can preview some forms for free. It really doesn’t get much easier than this. No software needs to be downloaded. It’s all online. What we especially liked about Law Depot is how they stand behind their product. There’s a cute boxed quote at the top of their About Us page that claims even lawyers use their forms. Now that’s a strong endorsement!

Their forms can can be used in Canada, USA, Australia and United Kingdom. Their forms are region specific which is clearly noted. And they do guarantee that their forms are current. Apparently, if you find a mistake on one of their forms you could be eligible for a cash rebate of $100 from Law Depot directly.

Also, they seem to offer both per month subscriptions and per form pricing.  Their per form pricing has 3 different packages depending on the frequency of use for the specific form, online storage of your form data, etc.

SUBSCRIPTION PRICE:  $33.00 per month
(Forms May Be Purchased Individually for as low as $9.99)

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