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Dating back to 1999, Canadian-based MegaDox is literally a form powerhouse when it comes to content.  With valid forms for Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, and even China, there are literally thousands of forms to choose from.  Good news for Americans and Canadians, these forms are also state, province, and territory-specific.

Unlike say, Law Depot, these forms can immediately be downloaded as Adobe PDFs, or Microsoft Word files.  While many legal document/form service providers will flout their lawyer credentials, MegaDox specialized in having business and technical expertise in all areas casting a wider net with – presumably – more custom and tailored forms.   In addition to making a lot of their content available for FREE, they also offer business documents, leisure & lifestyle guides, legal dictionary, preparation services, and health & wellness information.

MegaDox also seems to strongly stand behind their products.  They claim to be “guided by Customer Service principles”, which apparently includes making forms for you if they don’t already have them and/or locating them elsewhere even if it means sending you to a competitor!   Admittedly, we haven’t tested that claim, but if true, that’s impressive!

The only major drawback is their website and search function.  Type in the word “lease” and we get like a thousand results (nearly crashed my browser!).

(Forms May Be Purchased Individually for as low as $5.00)

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  1. longhorn says:
    October 28th, 2011 at 9:18 pm

    Impossible to use the search function. All I wanted was a sample lease so I can rent out a room in our house. I searched and Megadox returned a list of 3000+ results with nothing I could use! The first few on the list were DC Equipment Lease Agreement, California Mutual Cancellation of Commercial Lease, and Alberta Extension of Residential Lease. Uh, what? Legalzoom found me a sample lease almost immediately on my first search so I dont understand why MegaDox can’t do the same. Could not use this site at all because i’d have to search through hundreds of pages of results and waste a ton of time to just to find a regular rental lease. Very disappointed.

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